Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach day!

Yesterday, Rosslyn and I went to the beach with Ashley, Jaymes, Bailey, Tammy and AJ. It was so much fun! Rosslyn absolutely loves the water! I'm so glad I enrolled her into that water babies class. She's going to have so much fun! It starts next monday and all I need is to get her some swimmer diapers. Because she wore her regular ones yesterday and they filled up quick! lol.

I however, am burnt. Well, my back is. I put tanning lotion on my arms and legs but I forgot my back and I didn't even use sunscreen so I'm in a teeny bit of pain. And also, because Rosslyn didn't wear her hat, her head is a little red. But she's good everywhere else because I slathered on the sunscreen!

Rosslyn had so much fun with Bailey and Jaymes! They had screaming contests on the way there and back! So I feel safe leaving Rosslyn with Ashley if I ever need to. Which will probably happen soon because we're going down to Wilmington to get our tattoos as soon as we get the money.

Well, here are some pictures from yesterday. Everyone was running around so much that I didn't get a group shot.

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Anonymous said...

Awww we have cute babies :)