Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My cousin's wedding!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, folks. I've been really busy with things and honsetly haven't had anything too exciting going on to blog about.

Anyways, last Friday, we were laying in bed and I heard my phone ring. I was allllmmmoost asleep so I didn't answer it. But then I told Jordan and he's like "go answer it, it might be important." It was a number I didn't recognize so I called it back. Turns out it was my cousin Jami. She called so late because she's in Washington for some training exercise for the students at school. We were talking for a while and I asked her how the wedding planning was going and she said "that's actually why I called you. I want you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding." I about cried! I love my cousin Jami so much. She's helped us out tremendously and let me live with her for almost a year, rent free and for the most part without a job. But I was going to school. And I of course said yes. It's going to be so much fun! Jordan said that he'll be able to take about 5 days of leave for us to go up to Ohio for the wedding. I don't know if we'll be staying in a hotel or what. But I think Jami will be paying for my dress and shoes. Also in the wedding will be my cousin Melanie's daughter, Lexi, our cousin Abby (she's like 8 or 9) and our Uncle Rodney's daughter Mikayla. So Jami has someone from Renee (my mom), Margaret (Mel's mom), Anne (Marie [Abby's mom], and Uncle Rodney.

Also, Jordan decided that since it will be so close to him getting out, that me and Rosslyn should just take as much stuff as we can in my car and just move back. I guess we'll be staying with his mom. That part hasn't really been completely worked out. But after the wedding, He'll still have about 10 days of leave and he's gonna use them for terminal leave. So he'll only be back in Jacksonville for about 10 days after the wedding. And while Rosslyn and I are home, we can start looking for places to live and a job for me.

Also, yesterday she started her water babies class on base. Yesterday was just getting them used to the water. I don't know if there will be a class today though because it's pretty dark out. It's all week though and I think she'll like it. That's about it... Rosslyn's walking like crazy and getting into everything. I think if I've told her no once, I've told her a hundred times!!!

And sunday, Jordan's Xbox go the red ring on it. Usually when that happens, it means your Xbox is ruined and you pretty much need to buy a new one. But his wasn't the full circle and it wasn't solid. When it's full red and not blinking is when your Xbox is kaput. Luckily he looked it up and turns out that there was something wrong with the power supply and that it wasn't plugged in properly so he fixed it and is a happy clam now!

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