Friday, July 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions- A Look Back

I was looking through all of my old blog posts and saw my New Year Resolutions post. Let's take a look and see how well I've done with them. My responses are in bold

Be a greener mom.
I tried half-heartedly to cloth diaper. But this time, I want to come at it with full-force. I already am a baby-wearing, home birthing, breastfeeding mama. I just need to add cloth-diapering.
No cloth diapering... but I have become a little bit greener with buying cloth grocery bags. Maybe with the next baby I'll CD

Get out of debt.
I think that pretty much sums it up. We are in way over our heads with certain things and with Jordan only having 9 months left in the Marine Corps, we need to come out with a leg up so we can sit back and collect his unemployment and have no need to worry.
Not yet....we're working on it and we're not out of the woods yet.

Become closer to God.
I feel I already have an outstanding relationship with God, I just want it to be better. I got my first Bible for Christmas and I cannot wait to read it and to study up on it.
This is semi-true. I have been reading my Bible a lot more and we go to church every time we can when we're home. I just feel spiritually uplifted more now than I did last year.

Be a better wife.
I need to start noticing the little things in my relationship with Jordan and act on the little things. Like not forgetting this or that for him. Because I know he tried his hardest for me. And the least I could do was return the favor.
Again, not completely but I think I am getting better

Learn how to cook!!
I got a crock pot for Christmas and I cannot wait to start using it. I am tired of eating out almost every night. It's draining our bank account and is certainly not good for our health. And I already know how to bake. It's cooking I have trouble with. I want to make soups, beans, fry chicken, casseroles, make mashed potatoes from scratch and a lot more.
sadssd aA No potatoes from scratch yet but I am getting better about making thing so we don't have to eat out every night.

This was a good look back. I don't think my resolutions were too unattainable. Although I still have work to do on them.

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