Monday, August 3, 2009

Time for some new hair again!!

I'm ready for a change again!! My hair is getting too long for me to deal with and I'm wanting something new. This time, I might even go for highlights! And if they look stupid on me, I can just buy a box of color and dye it back. This is kind of the style I want.

But maybe a little bit longer. I don't want it too short though. Maybe just skimming my shoulders. Definitely with all those layers. I want it really choppy like that. And maybe with those highlights too....but a little darker. I don't know if I want blonde in my hair just yet. So possible a caramel color. What do you all think? I'm hoping to get it done sometime this week so pictures will follow!

Also, I'm back on our computer. I don't think it's the port after all because we are using the a/c cord that came with it and it works has a short in it too. But it's nice to be able to access all of my photos and everything like that.

Have a great week everyone!!

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