Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September!!

Seriously?! It's September already? I cannot believe it!!! But I can definitely feel it. No longer are there the days of sweltering humidity, but now there is a chill in the air, something that says Fall is just around the bend.


Not to mention my birthday is in 4 days!!!! Ahhh....to turn 23. Such an awkward age. Not a girl not yet a woman. Hahahaha. I can't tell you how excited I am for September, we will be mailing in our deposit for the new house on the 15th and there's my birthday and possibly a trip to DC this weekend. Jordan has a 96 so we might leave Friday after he gets off of work and head up to Quantico then to DC. But of that doesn't work out, we might go to Myrtle Beach and go to Medieval times for my birthday! Either way, I am excited for September.

In other news, I took my friend Chrisey to the Doctor again this morning. She's about 14 weeks pregnant and her husband has been training in California for 5 weeks but should be returning on Friday. Thursday, me and her are going to our friend Tammy's house for lunch. There will be a bunch of other girls there too, Karin, Aubree, Stephanie, Andrea, Rachel and Aubree's cousin Kari I believe. I am so excited because it has been almost 2 months since we have hung out. And it will be my first time meeting Rachel, she just moved here from Hawaii. Sunday (my birthday) I am meeting Lacy and Aubree for lunch. I'm not sure who else is coming but I know they are for sure. Jordan isn't coming though, although I would love him to especially since it'll be my birthday and all but whatevs.

I can't believe Jordan is already starting his SEPS process. Today he submitted for his terminal leave!! This is so exciting. I think he said something about him maybe having to sell a few days of his leave back because when he wants to start terminal falls on Columbus day weekend. Which is kind of good because we'll get a little money back for that. I still cannot believe that his four years in the Marines are almost over. It will be sad because I made some of the best friends ever who knew exactly what I was going through and not many people do. No one back home does or did. I will be sad to leave all of them. But on the flip side, I will be happy to start the next chapter in our lives and see what the future holds.

Happy September everyone and have an amazing day!

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