Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Early Halloween!!

So our internet won't be turned off until tomorrow. But I'm turning in the box and the modem in the morning so I'll be without internet until sometime next week, as stated in my previous blog.

But!! Since we won't have internet on Halloween or the day after, I figured I'd post Rosslyn's Halloween costume so you call can see what she looks like. And I plan on taking pictures of us in our costumes as well.

Also, could I get some prayers for Rosslyn? She's a little croupy sounding right now and our Tricare runs out tomorrow and I won't be able to get her on the medical card (only temporary) until Monday. So I'm putting baby rub on her chest.

Here she is!!!!

3 love notes:

-Team Brandt.™ said...

what a cutie pie!

Morgan said...

Adorable! Also love the look of your blog!

Kendra said...

i'm really interested in a nibbler costume for my 15 month old. can you tell me how you made it?
It's awesome