Friday, November 6, 2009

Why hello, blog!!

We finally made it to Kentucky and what a crazy trip it was!!! I'm sad to say that with our procrastinating and Jordan taking his sweet time with the U-Haul, we didn't make it home in time for trick-or-treating. I so wanted to go too. But we made it home without anything broken save for a couple bowls and zero tickets. Plus, there as a crazy detour because of a rock slide on the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina.

Also, Rosslyn has a cough that has just gotten progressively worse and it figures right at the time we don't have Tricare anymore. We took her to the doctor and it turns out she has an ear infection and is taking steroids for her cough. And I can already tell marked improvement from when she started taking the medicine to yesterday when she didn't. So if you all can say a little prayer for her, I'd be greatly appreciative.

And, I'm on my last week of my computer literacy class which I need to bust my butt to pass. Because with the My CAA scholarship, I'm not eligible anymore because Jordan's not active duty. But since he's considering going to the reserves, if he's on drill, that's considered active duty and I can use the money for my classes then and still be able to use the money for it up to 180 days after. But military onesource is looking up scholarships for spouses of veteran's so hopefully I'll be able to start again soon. And I was so excited, I would have been starting introduction to Anthropology tuesday.

So that's all the major details from over here. I'm sure you all wanna see pictures of the new place. I just have pictures of it empty because it's still full of boxes and we're keeping the mattress in the living room until we get our new couch....or new tv whenever that will be. Enjoy! And have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Geez Louise♥ said...

Girl, the house is a beauty!!!! Glad you guys made it there safe!!