Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm sitting over at my mom's while my step dad is finishing up fixing our computer. He said he never seen a computer so bad with viruses. Yikes. But it's all better now so yaaaaaayyyy!

Anyways, we have most of our Christmas shopping done. Jordan got a new Xbox 360 elite and is giving his old one to his little sister (Jessca, you didn't just read that! LOL) But I think she knew she was....I'll keep all the accessories a secret though..shhhh.

We ordered our couch and it should be here soon. I'm not sure how it's going to get here so I'll need to call the company tomorrow and track it.

All of Rosslyn's presents are here except one and it won't be here until after new years.

We got Jordan's grandparents a Wii and I think they'll like it. We got them 2 games too. Family game night and wii carnival. They're both pretty fun. Yes, Jordan took it out of the box and we've played it. I felt really horrible but he said that his family did it with all the big presents they got. His dad would install and uninstall Age of Empires on their computer every day just to play with it hahahahaha.

I really want to start blogging regularly again and I hope I will be able to.

Also, Jordan's mom and stepdad are staying with us on Christmas eve. They would stay in a camper out at his mammaw and pappaws. Providing we get our couch before then, we're taking the futon up to Rosslyn's room and they'll be staying in there. I'm excited! But I have to keep the house spotless and that will definitely be a task.

I'm thinking about doing the project 365 starting January 1st. Where you take a picture everyday for a year. I think it will be fun and I may even create a separate blog for it. So keep an eye out.

Speaking of cameras, my parents broke down and gave me my Christmas present early, a Polaroid camera!! Now I just need to get film for it. I can't believe how expensive it is. The cheapest place I've found is so if anyone knows any other places that are cheaper, let me know! Ir if you happen to have a pack or two of Polaroid 600 film, send it my way!!!

Happy holidays to everyone!!! I hope you have a great weekend coming up.

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