Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tagged! Seven Things About Me!

Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee tagged me. I can't believe she tagged me. She's so cool and different. How do I say that without sounding stalkerish? I don't think I can lol. But what I have to say are seven things about me and then tag seven more people. So here goes.

1. I'm left handed and my uncle taught me how to write without curling my wrist around by showing me how to on Valentine's cards. They were Doug, I remember that lol.

2. I'm the middle child. I have an older sister and younger sister and kind of never stood out. I never played sports or anything like that. I always got asked if I was "such and such's" sister. Which sucked. But I love my sisters so much.

3. I love watching cartoons. I'm so glad I have a kid now so I can watch cartoons again, especially ones from when I was growing up, and not feel like a creeper anymore.

4. I'm such a messy person. I hate doing dishes but it has to be done. And every now and then I'll get a wild hair and just go on a cleaning frenzy.

5. I always wish I would have gone away to college. But things wouldn't be the way they are now and I don't think I'd like it any other way.

6. I'm pretty independent. Even after Rosslyn was born, I would take her to walmart by myself and just drive around. I realize now that it's not so good that I did that because she's super clingy. I've made the drive from NC to KY countless times by myself.

7. I would love to have more tattoos. I have three right now and I'm itching for more. I would love to have a half sleeve, a chest piece, something on my wrist, maybe something on my ribs (but Jordan said it hurt)and something on the back of my neck. But I need money for that and I don't have any lol.

So I am tagging:
Geeze Louise

So there you go girls, get to posting!!

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Juliana said...

Oh! FUN!!!

Geez Louise♥ said...

Yay!!!! You just gave me inspiration to post tomorrow!!!! Thanks doll!