Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bedding, beds and more bedding!!

We're all in definite need of new beds/bedding over here. Yes, we co-sleep with Rosslyn but now she's getting too big and there's just about no room left in our full size bed. So she will be getting a toddler bed and bedding for her birthday and Jordan and I will be upgrading beds too. So, here is the bed I like for Rosslyn:

And the bedding I like:

But it will probably be:

And as for baby number two, I've found the perfect bedding for a boy:

And if it's a girl:

And the bed I like for Jordan and I:

The bedding I like for us:

The only bad thing is it's all so expensive!!! The bed frame alone is $400 and we'd have to get a new mattress for it. And those are like $400 also. So we'll be spending a pretty penny on it. But we're going to look at the furniture store around here soon and maybe we can find a better deal. If we do, I still want the bedding at least. It's gorgeous. All we have for Rosslyn's bed is the mattress so at least we have a start.

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Chantel said...

If you know someone who can build stuff and has the tools, look up knock off wood. AMAZING!! You can get plans and build your own bed for a lot less than buying it. She's got a flickr group full of what people used her plans to build!

Erin said...

I love all the new stuff you picked out!! I hate that everything is so expensive.

Rupinder said...

This bedding is awesome as far as quality and price. It comes with all the pieces you need for your nursery. The colors are vibrant and it is very well made.

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