Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello, October!

Honestly, can you believe it's already October??? Cuh-ray-zee. Let's see....this time last year, we were preparing for Jordan's EAS at the end of the month. We already had a house to live in (the same one we're in now) and in a week and a half, we were taking a looonnnngggg trip up to Ohio for m cousin Jami's wedding.

This year, Jordan has a job, I am in school, Rosslyn is two and next month, we will have another beautiful baby girl in our lives.

I am so excited to be completely settled in a place and finally, we'll be able to go trick-or-treating with Rosslyn!! When she was 3 months old, Jordan had only gotten back from Iraq a few days before and her costume didn't arrive on time. Last year, we were on our way from North Carolina to Kentucky and it took extra long because of detours and Jordan pulling a U-haul behind his truck. But this year, it's gonna be awesome!!

Tomorrow is McCrearyfest. It's like our annual homecoming type thing. There's a big parade and the pageant had already happened. It's the first time we've been home for it in like 4 years and it will be Rosslyn's first year going. I plan on charging my camera and taking lots of pictures.

I also plan on buying pie pumpkins (what they were called at kroger) and buying some acrylic paint and brushes and painting the pumpkins and letting Rosslyn paint one. I think it'll be really fun. Then, later on in the month buying a big pumpkin and carving it into a Jack O' Lantern. The one we carved last year didn't turn out too well so maybe I'll buy a carving kit too lol.

This may be my favorite month. I am loving that I am finally in a place that actually has a fall climate and I love seeing all the leaves in the yard and watching the leaves on the trees change colors. What about you? Are you looking forward to October?

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