Thursday, April 14, 2011

Instagram Photo dump (part 1)

So I know a bunch of people have Instagram on their iPhones and so do I (I'm sheaisawesome)but I decided to put some pictures on here so those who don't follow me there can see them.

Me and Aurelia

Mexican for my sister's birthday

Finger painting

All dolled up for my best friend's baby shower

Rosslyn and Kira having a photoshoot

Rosslyn when she was sick

Rosslyn fell asleep on the way to walmart

Rosslyn playing

Shea's iPhone 615
Aurelia was happy for a ponytail :)

Shea's iPhone 602
Found this blanket i our dresser after Jordan's dad gave it to us

Shea's iPhone 591
My chubber face

Shea's iPhone 590
Eating at Golden Corral with Nana

Shea's iPhone 582
Cloth Diaper stash

Shea's iPhone 573
The girls playing outside

Shea's iPhone 555
Rosslyn being cute

Shea's iPhone 550
Rosslyn drew this face at Bob Evans. I was so proud

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Verena said...

Awww i love you and your sweet little family!!The pictures are very cute and i love the dresses. Glad that you're all doing fine.