Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House Update

So today we finally heard from our loan processor about the house. However, before that, Jordan talked with our realtor the other day about something they spotted when we looked at the house. There was a crack in the bricks at the basement (I didn't see it so I'm just going off what he said) so the owner of the house had a structural engineer take a look at it. I'm going up to the realtor's office tomorrow to get the report and see what it says. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious and won't cost a lot to be fixed (though the price wouldn't fall on our heads because we haven't bought it yet.

I hope it isn't anything serious and we're going to tell the VA when they come to inspect it in about a month or so. I pray we get this house but I don't want to get one that's structurally unsound, you know? So we'll see what everything says and go from there....wish us luck!

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