Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24 Week Baby Update

Yesterday I had my 24 week appointment. Everything went fine. I did tell the doctor that I had been cramping a little and she said I should be ok as long as they don't get worse and aren't accompanied by any sort of discharge. And she told me I needed to stay hydrated especially since it's been so hot lately. Her heartbeat was pretty high (I think 156 maybe more) and she was very active. You can even start feeling her move from the outside now. And she's going more to the middle of my belly now instead of staying down below my belly button.

Next time I go is the glucose test. I really hate drinking that orange stuff because it's like overly sweet, flat orange soda. And then afterward, you have to have your blood taken which is the best part of all!! (not)

I haven't been in much of a picture taking mood but I did snap a few on Saturday and I don't think my belly has changed that much since then. This is a picture I posted on my Twitter so for all those who looked at it there, here it is again!!

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Lady Rink said...

Cute picture! Glad that everything is going well :o)

Chantel said...

Whatever you do, don't drink the red stuff if they have it! I seriously almost threw up all over the receptionist when they had me take my first sip when I got my glucose test with Claire. I went straight for the orange with Grayson. Lesson learned.

Kendra said...

If they have the lemon lime one, it's clear, get that one! It tastes like watery sprite, I got that both times and didn't get sick from it...just high blood sugar lol
Cramping might be due to not drinking enough water, I cramped with Caroline and Jase but once I started downing 100 oz a day I was good.
Glad it went well!

Geez Louise♥ said...

Seriously LOVE this picture! You are absolutely adorable!

Bella *Bellgetsreal said...

Congrats on the bump. I loved being pregos.

Thanks for entering my giveawy,
good luck